8 Most Wearable Trends from Fall 2015 Couture Week

Have you ever felt mesmerized by the Red Carpet gowns donned by the celebrity to various events? If yes, then you are spellbound by the magical world of couture.

Couture is synonymous with hand crafted luxury but it is also a platform for designers to experiment with fabrics, silhouettes, textures, colors etc. to give us a fashion fantasy to die for. Every year, fashion enthusiasts wait in January & July for the new couture collections from the some of the biggest fashion houses in the world. Most of the trends spotted later in the year, find their inspiration from these couture collections.

Even though it has two months since the fall couture shows, the trends seen there will always influence the coming autumn/winter season’s fashion. So without further ado, let’s have a look at the trends to follow this fall season.

1. Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Blue seems to captivate people season after season. Blue has been a staple in a woman’s wardrobe, be it in any shade style or form. This Fall Couture season, blue made its appearance in the form of eye makeup in various shades. Designers like Schiaparelli, Jean Paul Gautier and Mason Margiela used blue to craft different eye makeup technique from cat eyes to lash line.

Take inspiration from your favorite celebrities and suite yourself with your favorite eye makeup technique but make sure to incorporate something blue to them.

2. Black & White

The one combination that every woman loves and stands by made a bright comeback on the runway this couture season. From fur coats, to dresses, to gowns and complete ensembles, this combination was seen as a constant. Now go and dug up that closet of yours to find the perfect way to rock this trend on the street.

Take clues from Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone & Kendall Jenner on how to wear this trend.

3. Keep it Short

This couture season sets the return of two very simple & classic hairstyles for woman. One of them is (very) short hair. Be it pixie cut at Viktor & Rolf or short bobs at Chanel, models were seen striding the runway in hair cut several inches above their shoulders. Not only is this trend classy & chic, it also very easy to and time saving. Short hair is synonymous to power in many cases.

Be it Anna Wintour( Editor-in-chief, Vogue USA), Hilary Clinton ( Politian, USA), Indra Noori (CEO, PepsiCo), they have all kept their hair short simple and elegant.

4. Plait It

For those who are not willing to chop off their hair, the couture season saw the resurgence of another hairstyle, the plait. A messy fishtail? A loose plait? A plaited updo? Pick which ever style you like, but just make sure you keep the rest of your minimal. This trend is perfect for the ladies who love to look put-together but do now wish to go all out.


5. Crowned

Crowns are back and here to stay. And really we don’t mind them if they are as dainty & chic as the ones on the Versace & Zuhair Murad runway.  They are no longer a little girl’s toy, or belong to a teen birthday party. So girls, its time for the crowning glory, buy a crown this fall & look like a princess. Make your pick, be it big and gold like the ones seen on the Elie Saab runway or delicate and floral like the ones seen on Versace.

6. Metal Eyes

In the past metallic eye shadows lost have their shine in the nude makeup trend. But things are a bit different this couture season, metallic eyes are making a comeback and outshining other eye makeup trends for the fall season. Fendi, Elie Saab, Versace all fell for this trend and brought shimmer back onto the runway.

7. Golden Glamour

Another color that seems to shine brightly this couture season is Gold. Be it in the form of accessories or the clothes themselves, designers expressed their love for gold in all forms. Alberta Ferretti used it in intricate embroidery and lace while Elie Saab went all in & made it a golden day. Gold seems to be the choice for evening gowns, so ladies put on your golden top and dresses and leave the accessories at home.

8. Black Beauty

Keeping the best for the last, let’s move on to trend that is simplest and the chicest trend to follow this fall season. And it’s none other than Head-to-toe black. Winter is Coming! And what better way to mourn the unforgiving cold than an ensemble that is purely black to its core. So search those wardrobes, pick out your favorite blacks and join the battle.